Bear vs Gorilla Fight Comparison

Bear vs Gorilla -a face to face Fight Comparison

Bear versus gorilla the clash of two tyrants. The bears are apex predators in their own right. 

An apex predator is an animal which does not have its natural predator in the wild. That holds true for bears.

Yes, it is possible and there are other animals that can take down a bear.

Bear vs Gorilla

But they do not reside in the same place that the bears do and even if they do, they generally do not confront them or in clear terms ‘hunt them’.

Bears are large and powerful with a thick layer of fat for protection.

This makes it very hard for another predator to confront such a formidable enemy.

They have an acute sense of smell which they use to locate, track and then hunt their prey.

Being omnivores they do not entirely depend upon other animals for their survival although they need their claws to dig and do various other tasks like making markings on the trees etc.

These activities require their paws to be sharp, long and strong.

It’s important to consider these factors as they use these as their main weapon during the fight.

Gorillas are also big and powerful.

They do not have a tendency to be violent all the time but there have been cases where they have shown violent approach towards humans.

Being herbivorous they do not have to hunt and kill to survive.

Meaning they probably do not have that much fighting experience.

Actually sometimes, the males engage in a one on one fight to the death with each other.

They have very bulky physique comprising mainly of muscles.

They possess staggering strength and if needed use it to protect themselves. They have sharp canines they use during the fight as their main weapon.

Here, firstly we are going to talk about the Silverback Gorillas. A silverback is insanely powerful.

When compared to humans, it is estimated that a gorilla is approximately seven to nine times as powerful.

Found in the protected reserves in Africa, they reside in the high mountainous regions living in packs. They are as tall as six feet which are the normal human height but they weigh approximately twice than us.

As it is well known that we humans have evolved from apes right, so it is quite understandable that they are pretty smart.

They live in groups in which a male has a few females under him and some other members. When another male comes and tries to take the territory for himself,

Remember King Kong, the inspiration might have come from these. They do not just look buffed they are powerful.

A gorilla can lift a weight of 800 kilograms.

With their agile composure and hard exterior, they can compete with the bears.

Gorilla versus Indian sloth bear-

Sloth bears are found in various states of the Indian peninsula.

According to their weight, they are the competent contenders for a fight against a gorilla.

They weigh approx 150 kilograms.

Bear versus Gorilla Fight Comparison

Sure them and the big apes do not live in the same area but let us just view at the statistics if they were to be in a one on one fight with each other.

The sloth bears get to be six feet in length.

They are a little different from the normal brown bear that we are familiar with.

They seem a little slow, obviously smaller than the grizzles, have a pointed mouth and some distinctcolourr variation in the front.

They have strong paws which they use to hunt and climb trees.

Yes, they can also climb trees. The sloth, however, does not have the raw power of a gorilla.

If in any case, they are pitted against each other, the bear will go with a blunt strike with his long paws which if hits the head of the gorilla can prove to be fatal.

But taking into account the body structure of the gorilla, with his broad shoulders and long arms to protect himself, the chances of that happening are pretty low.

So, the fight continues. The gorilla might try to get the bear by biting him on the neck trying to end the fight quickly.

But the thing is, the bear has a thick mane which protects its neck. So that strategy is going to fail for this big ape.

The bear will probably keep going for the head of the big ape, if not successful it will deal some damage to the body of the ape.

If this keeps on going, the bear might get the upper hand but I do not believe that will result in the bear winning the fight.

The gorilla as previously discussed has enormous strength.

The way the sloth is, it makes it easier for this big ape to deal a heavy blow to its face and something like that can be the turning point in the match.

Repeated blows to the face might result in the opponent losing the sense of hearing and eyesight.

With eyesight loss of the bear, the chances of this big ape winning the fight just skyrocketed.

Now there can be other outcomes where maybe the sloth wins like when it gets the lucky blow to the head.

Actually, there have been instances of the sloth attacking humans and the thing common in those attacks was seen that they go for the head.

So, its no coincidence and the chances are that they will try the same with the gorilla and if they are lucky, the fight will turn in theirfavourr.

One other possibility can be that the fight prolongs itself as both the contenders cannot deal lethal blows.

In that case, also, the bear will likely be the winner as he has claws which actually deal some damage. The big ape is at the disadvantage here.

But we should never forget that there are always complications and variables such as the terrain where the fight is taking place, the current health of both the animals, etc.

Gorilla versus Grizzly bear

We just discussed a fight between a gorilla and sloth, so to better understand how the fight between gorilla and a grizzly will play out, let’s compare grizzly and sloth bears.

The grizzles are reasonably big. Compared to 150 kilograms sloth bear, weighing 300 kilograms is the grizzly.

The sloth bears are sometimes killed by the Tigers but the same can’t be said for the grizzles. They are formidable beasts and apex predators where they reside.

The bulky bodyweight does not mess with their speed as they can run up to 40m/hr.

So, if you ever encounter one, do not try to run. Not uphill, nor downhill.

They are apex predators in every right. Unlike the sloth bears, they do not have a long mouth.

So, what will happen if they were to fight against a Gorilla? One might think that the grizzly is sure to win and as bad as it might sound, they are possibly right.

In a fair fight between these two in an enclosed circle, the grizzly is sure to take down the gorilla. But for the sake of argument, let us just increase the variables hence increasing the possibilities.

If the fight takes place in a forest and the big ape plays it safe by keeping it’s distance, the chances of him winning the match increase a little.

Apes are seen using tools from time to time. Now, when we say tools, we do not mean human tools like wrench or sockets but wood and pebbles which they find in the forest.

The gorillas cannot use the tools as the Orangutans but in a recorded incident, a gorilla threw a stick at a person. Conclusion- gorillas are smart and can use their intelligence in the fight.

Even then at some point, they are going to have to confront the bear at some point. If this big ape manages to tire the bear to a certain extent and robs itoff the eyesight and maybe hearing, there is a chance there.

But otherwise, it is pretty hard for a gorilla to win against a grizzly.

Gorilla versus polar bear

The polar bear the biggest and meanest of them all. It is seven to ten feet long and weighs from 400 to 700 kilograms.

Now comparing to the sloth bear, this just got a lot bigger and heavier. That is not just it. The other bears are omnivores but polar bears are strictly carnivorous by design.

They are expert hunters and use everything that they have. They use their paws to make holes in thick layers of ice.

This takes sheer force and they have it. They have a reputation for attacking humans more than the grizzly bears.

Well, fighting against the polar bear does not leave many chances of survival.

Even so, if a silverback was to fight against a polar bear, the result is simple, the polar bear wins. I do not see a way where the gorilla wins.

In order to put more contrast in the situation, let's say that the big ape was to fight against a seal. There is a chance that the seal might win.

And polar bears hunt and eat seals as their primary source of nutrition.

Do not forget that all this is hypothetical and the chances of these animal encounters are close to zero. Therefore the actual results of the battle may differ from time to time.

In all seriousness, both the polar bears and silverback gorillas face extinction.

There are 880 silverbacks left in the wild which is a very small number considering the whole population of the species.

In this race, the polar bears are ahead of them with the number 22,000 to 31,000. Even so, the effects of global warming affect their ecosystem and possess grave danger to their entire population.

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