What do foxes eat

What do foxes eat?

So, what do foxes eat?... Foxes are mammals which reside in almost every part of the world.

Considering how the distribution of these creatures around the world is, it is to be understood that they are quite adapt most of the climate changes.

What do foxes eat

Foxes fall in the Canidae family & are so adaptable that out of every possible terrain, the only place they are not found in Antarctica.

Most of the characteristic features of all the foxes are pretty much the same.

Some minor changes are seen through habitat changes which the animal develops in order to survive in that particular terrain.

What do foxes eat?... In general, they are not dependable on one single type of food. Unlike many of the other animals like polar bears or lions or tigers, if one source of food is not available, everything changes.

If the population of seals declines, the survival chance of the whole race of polar bears becomes less. But in the case of foxes, this is not the case.

They are very good hunters but being omnivores do not solely depend upon meat for their survival. Fruits, some plants or berries also comprise of their normal diet.

They stay in groups sometimes but have individual territories as families. A fox family generally includes a male fox, a vixen and their cubs.

They hunt individually. When they are little they feed upon only on their mother’s milk.

For at least four weeks, they remain in the den in their mother’s protection surviving on their mother’s milk.


Very much like dogs, the foxes are also born blind and deaf.

With time they gradually recover their senses but after that also they cannot just go out and hunt for themselves.

The parents provide for the kids and sometimes the other family members also contribute to help to raise the kids.

What do foxes eat
Once they get a little experience, they hunt little beings that they can handle like rabbits, birds, rodents etc.

The climatic conditions of the area, the variation in flora and fauna also affects their diet.

The fennec fox is adapted to survive without water for long periods of time but any other fox will most probably die of dehydration in the same conditions.

What does a red fox eat-

The red fox is a small fox found in various regions in the United States.

The red fox gets most of its nourishment from the small invertebrates like cockroaches, crickets, grasshoppers, caterpillars etc. they are omnivorous and therefore can eat a variety of things.

The common food sources which are available in the wilderness are various berries, nutritious plants and fruits.

A fox is not very aggressive and will not attack an animal bigger than itself which does not leave much for the hunting from its side.

It can be seen eating a rabbit or sometimes a bird. They are also seen hunting squirrels or mice or any small and fragile animal.

Foxes make burrows in the forest where they reside which are termed as dens. Most of the time they do not use these dens as their home.

What do foxes eat
It is often thought that the fox returns every day to its den but it is proven to be wrong.

They spend most their nights in the open where they just curl up their tail around them in order to preserve heat and go to sleep in the same manner.

It is seen that most of the time their dens are not even theirs.

They just find the burrows made by rabbits or some other animal and just make it their own.

The thing is that the dens are mostly only being used by the female fox often termed as vixens as a place to give birth to the newborns mostly in order to keep them safe.

Additionally, they never stop hunting. Most animals stop when they have their bellies full.

These creatures get their prey, eat what they can and hide the rest of it beneath the dirt.

What does a fennec fox eat-

Fennec fox is the smallest of all the foxes in the entire world.

Found in the harsh and dry Sahara desert, these creatures have adapted themselves to survive without water for long periods of time.

They are adorable little creatures. The distinctive feature about them is their little size and large ears.

They have very big ears which help them get rid of the excess heat present in their body. They are also omnivores.

They feed upon anything they can digest.

Due to the scarcity of water in the desert, they get most of the water content through the food intake.

The main nutritive source for these mammals include rodents, insects found in that region, reptiles, eggs etc.

Since most of these creatures reside below the sand, the fennec fox has evolved its hand for digging.

Being omnivorous, they also feed upon plants to fulfill the water requirements.

Do foxes eat rats-

As discussed before, foxes eat a wide variety of foods.

Being omnivores, they do not have a need to strictly stick to a certain type of prey but when placed on the spot, they will hunt and kill rats.

They are often categorized among the best hunters in the wild.

They are abundant in almost every part of the world which shows their tendency and capability to survive.

It also shows their ability to utilize everything which is in their disposal to maintain their place in the food chain.

Rats being abundant in the urban and in the semi-urban areas prove to be one of many food sources for them.

Do foxes eat apples-

As being said many times now, these beautiful creatures are omnivorous by design and will eat fruits as an important part of their diet.

Berries and other wild fruits like the wild apples are part of some of the vegetation that they consume. So, yes they do eat apples.

If in any case, they are not able to catch prey these fruits found in the wild will help them survive.

Do foxes bite-

They are not that particularly scared about roaming and scavenging in the human populated areas.

As many of the wildlife experts say, anything with a mouth will bite. So when cornered, a fox might bite.

Talking in general, a fox does not harm humans. One of the reasons it is termed as one of the most intelligent and sly hunters is because of their ability to pick their opponents.

Humans are comparatively very large to them. They do not even get in a serious fight with a cat.

Instinctively they will chase a cat but when they realize that they can be critically injured by their claws, they just back down.

The question that they bite is generally based upon their nature towards humans. So, the basic answer would be no, they do not normally bite.

But if they are rabid then it becomes a totally different case.

However the chances of a person having an encounter with a rabid fox are close to none but in any case because of them being a wild animal having wild tendencies, it is advised to keep proper precautions.

Let us be honest, they are pretty adorable to look at and that makes us want to pet them and feed them. This type of behavior by humans is discouraged by experts.

Does Fox Hibernate?

No, Foxes do not hibernate they remain same following their same routine throughout the year long.

In some extreme weather conditions, they stop and seek shelter but in a short period they begin up to follow their older manner of living and resume their elder normal activities as soon as the weather pass.

Facts about foxes

Reading about an unknown or uncommonly viewed species the reader should relate it with a species he has viewed and known about.

Do you know fox relates a lot to cats?... They are playful as similar to cats, reacts similarly as of cats, pray in the same way as cats do, walking on toes having sensitive whiskers and spines on the tongue are a lot of things that match.

Fox weighs up to 2.2 to 14 kg, the weight mentioned is a general weight, different foxes measures differently; speaking up the difference, the fox's odour conveys their status and mark their territory.

Foxes are thefts too, they snatch the built dens of others although they make their self dens too if necessary, generally, they do not require it; mostly the pregnant females choose to live in dens.

There are even some foxes who sleep on the tree a more thing common to cats and that makes them the only member of the dog family to have the ability to climb.

Earth magnetic field acts like a tool for foxes to prey. Although there are some more like birds, sharks, turtles having magnetic sense but the foxes have been found to use it to hunt.

Arctic foxes don't shiver until the temperature of 70°c.

A fox makes an average of 40 different sounds and a fox to can be taken as a pet but it is having a very foul smell which too can force you to vomit or can cause a lot of discomforts, but having foxes as a pet are a pleasure to many named photographers.

The red fox is the most common fox and the foxes are too known for their parenting, till 7 months vixen (female) take care of the fox pup and the dog (male) bring food for them.

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