Why Do Polar Bears Not Eat Penguins? Expectations vs. Reality

Ever Wondered Why Do Polar Bears Not Eat Penguins? : Expectations vs. Reality

Do polar bears eat penguins?... This is a question that makes your mind dwindled.  Polar bears are very opportunistic & ravenous  predators, that they will hunt any creature in the Arctic that comes in their way. 


Real life can be more unusual than invented fictions! Almost all living beings in this cold icy region would likely to fall prey to polar bears.

But do penguins live in Arctic, do they?...No absolutely not, they reside in the Antarctic which lies at the South Pole, while polar bears live in the North Pole. Clearly, the Arctic & the Antarctica are n the opposite side of the globe. Let;s go a little deep on the reason why don't polar bears eat penguins.

Why Do Polar Bears Not Eat Penguins

Do Polar Bears Eat Penguins?

There is basically no correlation between the two species living distant from one another. It's a fantasy that polar bears eat penguins however they would in the instance that they had lived in similar natural surroundings.

No penguin lives in Antarctica, so in their whole life span, they never observed a polar bear in their habitat. Be that as it may, if penguins had happened in the North Pole than they would unquestionably turn out to be (however not fundamental) on the menu of polar bears.

Since polar bears are fond of eating seals due to the seal's greasy fat parts which they require amid winter, Penguins don't appear to offer any such fatty segment. Regardless of whether bears go after penguins, this can never supplant their basic prey (seal).

In any case, they could add some penguins in their eating regimen routine. So if these species co-existed with each other this would have been a prominent answer to why do polar bears, not eat penguins?... 

Do penguins live with polar bears?

Having said that, the researchers do accept that a detached populace of penguins has started to live in the north of the equator. Moreover, they won't have the potential to swim in warm waters.

The mature snow bears are infatuated with eating just the fat of ringed seal (leaving the meat for the youthful bears) in light of the fact that the fat does not just give them a large number of calories but act as a resource during hibernation. 

o such part happens in penguins. They are basically flightless creatures. Polar bears (by any stretch of the imagination) eat these flightless birds just when their essential eating routine is difficult to meet. However, penguins do not make up the biological system of the Arctic.

Another prominent reason on why do polar bears, not eat penguins?... is that winged animals cannot give adequate protein to youthful bears to survive the freezing cold weather.

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