Are seals related to dogs or seal and dog have a common ancestor

Are seals related to dogs?

Are seals related to dogs?... It’s not startling that seals & dogs have a lot in common. So are they really alike?... Do dogs or seal and dog have a common ancestor?

                         Are seals related to dogs or seal and dog have a common ancestor

Seal and dog have a common ancestor

Seals are not analogous with other marine creatures, but they rather much like Caniformia group, same as bears and the dogs.

There are two divisions of the group or suborder Caniformia. The dogs evolved, alongside with the bear family.

So in reality seals are more firmly analogous with bears rather than dogs.

Seals and sea lions are carnivores, basically the same as land predators.

These creatures are not at all firmly analogous with water mammals like whales, however, they do have a shockingly close connection to present day bears, mutts, and weasels.

The present-day seals and sea lions basically utilize their front flippers for swimming, while seals utilize their backs.

They evolved distinctively to utilize separate parts of their squishy bodies.

Are seals just water dogs?

They are more firmly related with the bear, raccoon and the otter/weasel families of the canine genus.

There is some question regarding whether they are akin to the weasel or bear families.

At one time it was imagined that the sea lions and walrus were more alike with bears and seals more to otters and weasels.

Presently individuals think every one of the three is from one line.

It is yet hazy regardless of whether seals and different pinnipeds developed as independent or as a group.

Yet one in number hypothesis recommends that they all diverged from a bearlike or doglike precursor a great many years back amid their progress to the ocean. 

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